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Your guide to finding the RIGHT Virtual Office Address
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Finding TOO MANY DODGY providers?
Use this 26 POINT GUIDE to filter through the noise and prevent them from ripping you off
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"Damn! I wish this guide was around before I got my LAST virtual office... their hidden fees, strict open hours and poor customer support almost killed me"
Peter Demetriou
What do you get with the Guide?
Email Template to send to Virtual Offices
  • Copy & Paste: Just highlight, copy, paste and SEND!
  • Mass Send: Send this out to all of your Virtual Office options
  • Use as a Script: Don't like email? Use this to ask via call or chat
  • Free: Download the 26 Point Guide to get the email template
Printable Checklist to Review your Options
  • Print Friendly: Download it to write on, take with you or share
  • Populated Example: We have filled out a sample to show how to use it
  • Immediate Scoring: Automatically see which Option is best for you
  • Free: Download the 26 Point Guide to get the checklist
Action Steps for ALL 26 Points to Check
  • Step-by-Step: See the actions to find reviews, how to test support, etc
  • Detailed: We walk you through how and why each point is important
  • Easy to Follow: It has been used by people from 18 to 52 years old
  • ​FREE: Download the 26 Point Guide to get all of the action steps
And much much more...
... want the templates and checklist?
Download all of them within and more from the 26 Point Guide
Sample Checkpoints from the Guide:
Check Facilities
This address is on your business cards, website, etc, at least ensure you can meet your prospective clients there - or at minimum, that it looks good on Google.
Hidden Fees
Ask if there is a fee for each piece of mail you receive, penalties if mail is not picked up, charges based on size of packages - there are more in the Guide.
Easy Support
Send them an email or live chat (if available) and see how long it takes to get a response, this is a great indication as to their customer support (good: 2-12 hours)
CCTV / Security
Mail theft is on the rise, how do they protect your mail to avoid it (eg, with your own physical mailbox) and if it happens, do they have CCTV security cameras?
Open Hours
Post Offices are already annoying with 9am to 5pm open hours, check to ensure your virtual address provider's days and times suit your situation.
Online Reviews
Always check their websites testimonials and case studies but do not forget to search their Google, Facebook and other review websites (good is 4+ star)
And over 20 more...
... want to see all 26 Checks?
Download all of them within and more from the 26 Point Guide
How to Use this Guide
Use this guide to cut down your research to only 1 hour by doing the following:
  • Print Checklist: Download the checklist and write down the potential providers
  • Review Each Point: Follow the guide to each item
  • Fill Out Checklist: Answer each point for every provider (with what you can find)
  • Send More Info Email: Send the included email template to all potential providers to answer the questions you are unable to answer
  • ​​Review Results: Change the icons in the settings
  • ​​Purchase: From your findings, purchase a package from the top virtual address provider
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